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2/8/2019 7:10:06 AM
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Thanks for the portal


I am having problems displaying my privacy.aspx page on the site. I have wrote the content within the administration area on the CRM but the link to the actual page does not work. I have tried both


<portal:PrivacyPageLink ID="pp1" runat="server" />


the URL is when I click the ? on the admin screen the content is there but the page is not showing



2/15/2019 4:54:59 PM
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Re: Privacy.aspx


The Privacy Policy Url setting in the Site Settings only creates the URL for the link that the <portal:PrivacyPageLink ID="pp1" runat="server" /> control displays, but it does not create a CMS page for you.

You will need to create a page like normal and call it something like "Privacy" or "Privacy Policy" and uncheck the "Include in Menu" option, and then set your Privacy Policy Url setting in the Site Settings to the URL your new page created.


I hope this helps.

2/17/2019 6:13:21 AM
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Re: Privacy.aspx

Many thanks Elijah for taking to time to reply.


I feel like an idiot now but after reading your reply I have realised my error

I have clicked the "?" next to the privacy link in the Admin setting then hit edit on that thinking I was editing my privacy policy when in fact I was only editing the Admin help help file :-)  I have now published the page and all is well I have also updated my Admin help file to say I am an idiot!


Thanks again




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