FileManager Problem

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10/24/2018 9:36:54 PM
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FileManager Problem

Hi, I use mojoportal 2.7

When i try to access option FileManager I get the following error

Anybody knows what could be the problem thanks..


System.InvalidOperationException: The view 'Error' or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations. The following locations were searched:
   at System.Web.Mvc.ViewResult.FindView(ControllerContext context)

10/25/2018 9:07:46 AM
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Re: FileManager Problem


Try uploading this Error.cshtml file contained in this zip to your website at [root]/Views/Shared and then open the File Manager again. You will likely get an error, at which point you should check the system log (Administration > System Log or in the File System at [root]/Data/currentlog.config).

The only time I've seen this happen with the File Manager was here and the problem was related to running in Medium Trust, which we no longer support because Microsoft no longer supports it.

We do need to include this Error.cshtml in the releases. I've created it and I'm adding it to the repo so it will be in the next release.


10/26/2018 2:55:31 PM
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Re: FileManager Problem

Thanks its a medium trust problem, I upload  and the error does not appear again

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