Developing on Framework? attn Joe Davis

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3/14/2018 2:44:45 AM
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Developing on Framework? attn Joe Davis


I am finally getting my feet wet with bootstrap developed websites and have a few under my belt. I still use Artisteer for creating MojoPortal themes. However, times are changing and bootstrap (ie framework style) are the wave of web design future. I understand a little about using prepos, but the whole create a specific skin for MP in bootstrap has me lost and wandering aimlessly.

Is it possible to get a how to on creating a bootstrap skin for MP from scratch, or at least project notes, requirements, and a what goes where list? That would be outstanding and I would be willing to commit some design work to the MP skins project as time permits.

Thanks in advance,


3/27/2018 9:35:05 AM
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Re: Developing on Framework? attn Joe Davis

I'd like to agree with what Allen said in his post and add a couple of things.  In the documentation (Customizing Framework with Bootswatch), it mentions: "Because Bootstrap has both Less and Sass (Sass is like Less but requires different software and syntax, Bootstrap v4 will be built using Sass)...".  I am new to both Less and Sass.  Since Bootstrap v4 has been releases for several months now it would be nice to have some instructions for using version 4.  I don't want to spend my time learning and building a skin based on Less if I can move directly to Sass.  The general consensus seems to be that Sass has won the war and Less is fading.

I have a few mojoPortal sites that are in desperate need of a major re-skinning.  I have updated the sites to the latest mojoPortal (, but I'm struggling to find time to modernize the skins.  Any instructions, templates, etc. would be of great help.



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