Penetration Testing Tools

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2/22/2018 4:03:20 AM
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Penetration Testing Tools

Hello everyone

We'd like to perform some automated penetration testing on our mojoPortal-based application (to test for some common vulnerabilities like SQL injection, cross site scripting, etc.).  I've come across skipfish ( as a potential solution to this problem, but I was wondering what other tools people have found helpful. Free and low-cost solutions are preferred.


2/26/2018 2:30:51 PM
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Re: Penetration Testing Tools


We don't have any recommendations but others might. 

It's always good to do penetration testing but one must take a lot of care when reviewing and interpreting the results of the testing. Automated tools do not understand the purpose of the website they are scanning. A tool might claim there is a vulnerability because someone can post something it deems as "bad" to a page but you want people to be able to post that particular thing the tool thinks is "bad". 

If you find a vulnerability that you are unsure about or you know is an issue, please use our contact form to let us know. This will give us time to issue a patch before the issue is made public and the real "bad guys" try to exploit it.

Thank you,

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