Development - The Future

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2/21/2018 9:20:32 AM
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Development - The Future

Hello Mojo Team,

You have been a little quiet - what are you planning to update in MojoPortal?  What are you working on?

A little insight into your delopment plans would be most welcome.

Best Regards


2/26/2018 2:42:41 PM
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Re: Development - The Future

Hi Ray,

We're working on several things at the moment. 

  • Google Maps update to use API Key (Google keeps changing their ever-lovin minds on whether or not they want to require keys)
  • adding pgSQL and SQLite support to SuperFlexi
  • Removing old CSS from /data/styles and images from /data/SiteImages for features or components that are no longer used
  • Fixing an issue where file manager didn't work well when using folder-based multi-tenancy (child sites)
  • Simplified folder url recognition in folder-based multi-tenancy. Don't need to create folder with default.aspx file anymore.
  • Adding a customizable footer to the setup page
  • Adding the beginning of an API to SuperFlexi to allow for searching and building content from remote systems
  • Updated markup of error.htm

We have some other stuff we're working on as well. We've been rather busy with customer projects but we're hoping to get these items released soon.

Thank you,

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