Multiple Sites

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1/8/2018 12:34:13 PM
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Multiple Sites

Hello there,

I have created multiple sites based on Folders. The steps I have followed are below:

1- Created a physical folder in the root folder with the same name as the site and added a blank Default.aspx file. 

2- Changed the following keys to  <add key="AllowMultipleSites" value="true"/> and <add key="UseFoldersInsteadOfHostnamesForMultipleSites" value="true"/>

3- Added the folder name to "Folder Site Mapping" 


But unfortunately when I visit the portal followed by the new site name : site2 it only gives me a blank page. 


Is there something missing?



1/8/2018 12:48:23 PM
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Re: Multiple Sites


What version of mojoPortal are you running (Administration > System Information)?

Are there any errors in the log (Administration > System Log)?

Do you have any other URL Rewrite utilities installed in IIS?

Thank you,

1/9/2018 8:36:58 AM
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Re: Multiple Sites

Dear Joe,


Thanks a lot for your reply.


There are no errors stored in the log files. 


The portal version is : MSSQL

There are no URL Rewrite utilities installed in IIS.

Best regards.

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