CSS cache on superFlexi solutions

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12/1/2017 6:26:36 AM
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CSS cache on superFlexi solutions


I use Banner slider solution on my new site. the problem is that css files attach to this solution are cached. 

I made some changes on css file, but it's content doesn't reloaded. while I add some query string at end of css url it shows the correct data but still on main css file old content used.

I try to rename the css file and also change the markup file. but markup file still try to load old file name ( css file ) and cached file loaded.

I try all setting about css cache on web.config and css tools on administration without success. stop the web site on IIs and restart it but still same result.

Would you please help me to solve the problem?



12/1/2017 12:45:28 PM
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Re: CSS cache on superFlexi solutions

Hi Mehdi,

You should be able to get it working with the following steps:

  1. In your markup definition file, change the CSS file name on line 111 (assuming no other changes) to include "?v=2" after it, like this:
    <Style name="ContentSliderBase" href="resources/content-slider-base.css?v=2"></Style>
  2. After this, log in to your site as an administrator and click the "Edit Slide" link on your Banner Slider. This forces the markup definition cache to clear, which will update it with the "?v=2" in the markup output, which in turn will cause your browser to request the CSS file again instead of pulling it from cache.

Hope this helps!

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