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Post here if you have questions about creating SuperFlexi Solutions.

The SuperFlexi documentation is very thorough, so you might want to start there.

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11/23/2017 7:03:56 AM
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Banner - Dark Overlay


The SuperFlexi feature has brought our websites, up-to-date, = Many thanks for that new feature.   Do you plan to sell or upgrade any more solutions?

My Main Question:

The flexi banner has a dark (grey) overlay.... can I remove (or edit) that in any way?

I have tried to locate it in css main file but I am unable to find it.

11/29/2017 12:27:31 PM
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Re: Banner - Dark Overlay


Yes, we're planning on releasing more solutions and selling a few as well.

The solutions we release with mojoPortal are self-contained meaning they have all of the css and javascript needed for them included within the solution. You can make changes to the css if you want to by editing the solution files. I suggest you read the SuperFlexi documentation for an understanding of what does what.

The CSS for the Banner Slider solution is in /data/SuperFlexi/Solutions/Banner Slider/resources/content-slider-base.css

Thank you,

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