problem with Language & culture in mojoportal

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5/5/2017 2:11:14 AM
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problem with Language & culture in mojoportal

Hi Joe. Davice,

I want to add Persian language(Farsi) to my local mojoportal.

I download language pack from i7MEDIA/mojoPortal-Languages-Support and copy contains of "fa" folder to root of my site.

then add below lines to user.config:

<add key="UseCultureOverride" value="true" />

<add key="site1culture" value="fa-IR" />
<add key="site1uiculture" value="fa-IR" />

<add key="UseCustomHandlingForPersianCulture" value="true" />

 and change web.config and save that.

then I browse localhost/setup/default.aspx  but language don't change for me!!!

Please help me, If I require another work on my site.


5/6/2017 3:27:53 AM
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Re: problem with Language & culture in mojoportal

Hi Sadegh,

You should copy the contents of the folder to App_GlobalResources.