Translations and Language resources for Version

This is a place to discuss how to adapt mojoPortal to the needs of different cultures. Before asking questions here please first review the localization documentation.

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3/27/2017 10:20:35 AM
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mojoPortal Skinning, Custom Development and Support in Italy?

Translations and Language resources for Version

Hello everyone,

I am glad to see that a new release is available and a new team is committed to keep working on the project.

Up to version, as a mojoPortal partner, we worked on the Italian translation of any new releases and we used to send the changed resource files to Joe Audette (App_GlobalResources and Data\MessageTemplates). Joe Audette made them available to everyone in the subsequent mojoPortal release (and they were also immediately available for download from our site).

In the light of your new initiative we are now evaluating whether mojoPortal can still be considered the reference CMS platform for our web installations and, if so, whether it is still worth our while to keep working on the Italian translation updates.

I have noticed that  release comes without any embedded non US language resources (Italian was one of the few embedded languages) and the old repository hosting the additional "language packs" seems to be no longer available.

What are your intentions regarding this topic ?

I have also noticed that all objects included in the .zip file have the timestamp of the release date and not the original last update; this makes it impossible for us to understand which resource files have been changed since the previous release (our Italian translation resources are available up to release and Form wizard Pro

I look forward to hearing from you about this matter.

Diego Mora
Effective Srl

3/27/2017 10:55:04 AM
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Re: Translations and Language resources for Version

Hi Diego,

First, thank you for your support of mojoPortal and your commitment to the translation of the project to the Italian language.

We didn't do a very good job of noting this but we created a new repository on GitHub for languages other than en-US. I'm sorry we didn't make an announcement about this.

For quite a while now the only language included with the release packages other than English has been Italian because, thanks to you, it was the most complete translation. As this release was our first we evaluated a lot of different options for how best to release the files going forward. With regard to the .resx files, we wanted to cut down the amount of time mojo sites took for the JIT compilation so we pulled the Italian .resx files from the release and put them in our new language repo. For the other translatable files (Message Templates and Help Files), we felt that the number of files included in the releases was overwhelming. The number of non-resx language files included in a release was 1,790. So many people have to manage their site files using FTP and that many files can take a very long time to upload.

As for the date stamps on the files, that was unintentional and we'll try not to have that happen again.

The new languages repo has all of the language files for mojoPortal for every language that has ever been supported. There are currently three folders in the root of the repo, Core, Features, and Webstore. Inside each of these folders are two folders, App_GlobalResources and Data. It's a good structure for keeping things separated but it's not such a great structure to allow for easily downloading a single language, I'm realizing that now. We'll work on a different structure, possibly putting all files for each language in it's own folder.

We are committed to mojoPortal being a well-translated project and we hope you will continue contributing to the Italian language resources. I'll run a quick comparison of the English language files we have in 2.5 to what was available in to see what's changed and update this thread with those changes. 

Thank you,
Joe Davis




3/27/2017 3:21:44 PM
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Re: Translations and Language resources for Version

Hi Diego,

I've rearranged the structure of the Language Repo so it will be easier for people to get the files they need for their language. 

The changes to the .RESX files since are:

File Key English Value New/Updated
BlogResources.resx BlogRSSLinkTitleForCategoryFormat RSS Feed for {0}\{1} New
BlogResources.resx BlogRSSLinkTitleFormat RSS Feed for {0} New
FeedResources.resx FeedUseExcerptSuffixAsLinkToPost Use Excerpt Suffix as Link to Post? Updated
ProfileResource.resx PhoneNumber Phone Number New
Resource.resx AdminMenuPageTreeLink Page Manager Updated
Resource.resx ContentManagerViewEditLabel View/Edit Updated
Resource.resx FileManagerDeleteConfirm Are you sure want to delete the selected files? Updated
Resource.resx HelpNoHelpAvailable Sorry. No help is currently available for this item. Updated
Resource.resx HelpNoHelpAvailableAdminUser No help is currently available for this item. If you create help for this, please contribute it to the project. The created file will be under ~/Data/HelpFiles as {0}.config. Please email it to us at Updated
Resource.resx LetterInfoRolesThatCanEditLabel Roles That Can Create and Edit Letters Updated
Resource.resx ModuleDefinitionSortRequiredMessage Sort Order is required and should be between 0 and 999 Updated
Resource.resx SiteSettingsSiteRecaptchaPrivateKeyLabel Recaptcha Secret Key Updated
Resource.resx SiteSettingsSiteRecaptchaPublicKeyLabel Recaptcha Site Key Updated
Resource.resx NewsLetterSaveCurrentAsTemplateButton Save Current as Template Named: Updated
Resource.resx NewsLetterArchiveLettersHeading Newsletter Archive Updated
Resource.resx NewsLetterArchiveLettersHeadingFormatString Newsletter Archive - {0} Updated
Resource.resx NewsletterArchiveListLink Archive Updated
Resource.resx CurrencyGridDeleteWarning Are you sure you want to delete this currency? Updated
Resource.resx DefaultSignInPrompt To continue, you need to Sign In or Register Updated
Resource.resx PageListLink Page Manager Updated
Resource.resx AlreadyRegisteredMessage You are already signed in. If you wish to create a new account you must sign out first. Updated
Resource.resx FileBrowserCreateFolderInstructions First, select the folder in the tree below where you would like the new folder to be created. Then give the folder a name and press the "Create Folder" button. Updated
Resource.resx FileBrowserSelectFileInstructions First, select a file from the tree menu to the left, then press the "Select" button. Updated
Resource.resx FileBrowserUploadInstructions First, select the folder in the tree below where you would like the new file to be placed. Then browse to the file on your computer and press the "Upload" button. Updated
Resource.resx NewsletterViewArchiveLink View Archive Updated
Resource.resx NewsletterArchivesNotAllowed Sorry, the archive is not available for this newsletter. Updated
Resource.resx CssCacheInfo When designing, it is helpful if you are editing the CSS files of a skin to be able to disable caching so you see your changes immediately after refreshing the page. This button toggles a cookie that enables or disables the CSS caching. It does not affect caching of CSS for other users. Updated
Resource.resx ApprovedForLogin Approve This User to Sign In? Updated
Resource.resx MoveToBottom Move to Bottom Updated
Resource.resx MoveToTop Move to Top Updated
Resource.resx PageSettingsRoleHelp Administrators and Content Administrators can view or edit any content. Therefore, Content Administrators role is not shown, and there is no need to ever check the Administrators role except for the special case where you would like to lock out Content Administrators so that only Administrators can view or edit the content. In that case, you can check only the Administrators role and no other roles and Content Administrators will not be allowed. However, to protect content instance(s) on the page you should set Administrators as the only role in the Feature Instance Settings as well, otherwise Content Administrators can still get to it from the Content Manager page. Updated
Resource.resx CommentsAreClosed Comments are Closed Updated
Resource.resx ContentWizardInstructions This page doesn't have any content features on it yet. To add content, choose a feature from the dropdown list, give it a title, and click the button. Note that you can always add more features and arrange them on the page by clicking the "Edit This Page" link in the admin drawer. Updated
Resource.resx FirstNameLastNameFormat {0} {1} New
Resource.resx RegisterCompareEmailRequired Confirm Email is required. New
Resource.resx InstanceIDWithGuid Instance ID {GUID} New
Resource.resx FileSystemFileExists File already exists. New
Resource.resx FileSystemFileLimitReached Your permissions don't allow you to create any more files. New
Resource.resx FileSystemFileNotFound File does not exist. New
Resource.resx FileSystemFileSizeLimitReached File is too large. New
Resource.resx FileSystemFolderNotFound Folder does not exist. New
Resource.resx FileSystemQuotaExceeded Quota exceeded. New
Resource.resx GenericError An error occurred. New
Resource.resx FileEditInFileManagerNotAllowed File editing is not allowed. New
Resource.resx FileSystemFileLimitRemainder You are only allowed {0} more files. New
Resource.resx FileManagerBackToManagerLink Back to File Manager New
Resource.resx FileManagerBackToWebsite Back to the Website New
Resource.resx FileManagerPagePickerLink Pick a Page New
Resource.resx FileSystemInvalidToken Invalid token received by FileService so blocking access New
Resource.resx FileSystemNotLoadedFromProvider Could not load file system from provider {0} New
Resource.resx FileSystemProviderNotLoaded Could not load file system provider {0} New
Resource.resx FileSystemSiteSettingsNotLoaded Site Settings not loaded New
Resource.resx FileSystemUserNotAuthorized User is unauthorized New
Resource.resx FishyPostFoundFromReferrer Fishy post detected with referrer {0} New
Resource.resx FileManagerIndexHeaderTitle File Management New
Resource.resx FileManagerPagesHeaderTitle Page Picker New
Resource.resx LetterInfoLastSentFormat Last Sent: {0} New
PageManagerResources.resx new file entre file needs to be translated New

Thank you, again, for helping with the Italian Resources. If you have a github account, I'll give you commit access to the language repo so you can easily updated those files.

Joe Davis

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