Silverlight not loaded error message

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11/7/2016 11:50:03 AM
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Keep Smiling Phill

Silverlight not loaded error message


I am running a new Dell Laptop w/Windows 10 Pro installed (factory) and I am working on a new web site.   I am trying to explore the different image gallery page engines built into mojoPortal.  The folder and internal version both work fine but I want to try the Silverlight version.  When I check the boxes off to run Silverlight ai get an error message on tha page saying Silverlight is not installed.  I have tried to install it on my laptop and it comes back saying it is already installed with the latest version.


I checked with Tech Supp at my hosting company (PeoplesHost) and they tell me that ...

I've confirmed we don't need to do anything locally on the server.
Silverlight is similar to Javascript in where the clients computer must have it installed.

I'd make sure your Silverlight application meets all the necessary requirements.
For instance I'm not seeing your XAP file here --

This resource from Microsoft may help you --

What am I doing wrong to get this message and how do I get Silverlight to work?

Thanks in advance

2/28/2017 6:54:48 AM
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Re: Silverlight not loaded error message

Hi Philip,

I know this reply is long overdue. i7MEDIA recently purchased mojoPortal and we're trying to get the forums caught up and get a new release out in the next few weeks.

To answer your question, Silverlight only works in Internet Explorer. Edge has never supported it and the other browsers have dropped support for it. Microsoft quit developing it a few years ago and suggested everyone using find something else.

So, it'll be removed as an option for mojoPortal Image Galleries in the future.

Joe D.

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