Feedburner fails to register

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7/26/2016 11:11:08 AM
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Keep Smiling Phill

Feedburner fails to register

I am new to this Feed Burner stuff and do not really understand it...
I have a web site that I have several Blogs each having its own RSS feed.
I have setup all the settings and on Googles Feedburner as best I can!

When I click on the RSS feed icon (the fancy animated one I generated using the Google tool, not the small icon mojoPortal adds) on my webs sites page I get a message box from FeedBurner asking me to "Subscribe now" and give me lots of strange options... I select the "Universal" option.

If I click on the default small RSS icon that mojoPortal installs...  it takes me to a text/data page "RSS: Recipes This web page is actually a data file that is meant to be read by RSS reader programs. " and is just a list of the entries of the blog.

Another message box then pops up telling me that it is opening MS Outlook, I click OK to that too... it goes off and does its thing then asks if I want to "Add this RSS feed to Outlook?"  I click on the Yes button.. again it does its thing.
When I check the RSS Feed folder there are no entries.
I do not get any of the blog entries or any emails or anything.

What am I missing?

Oh, I am running a brand new Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 10.
I have run the following tools...

  • Original Feed Validator - GOOD
  • FeedBurner Feed Validity -GOOD
  • FeedMedic - Good

Any help is appreciated.

7/26/2016 3:22:22 PM
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Re: Feedburner fails to register

Feed Burner is no longer supported by Google so we do not support it either.


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