Child sites lost!

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6/4/2016 4:55:14 PM
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Keep Smiling Phill

Child sites lost!


I have had my hosting on Arvixe for a few years and a couple of months back they changed servers and along with a lot of others our sites were off-line for several weeks.  They go them restored and all was well for a week or so...

NOTE: Arvixe used to be the #1 recommendation for hosting by mojoPortal... seems they have slipped a bit!

Now I have a very difficult problem to solve.... My site consists of a root and 4 sub-sites or child-sites under the root.  Something like this... or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 (where 2-5 are the child sites.)

Arvixe re-wrote my web.config and user.config files to very generic files with no actual content.  I made a copy of both of these files and was able to rebuild them and get the root site working again...


I am unable to load any of the child sites (  When I look in the root of 2-5 structures there are no files there for the system to open.  I believe that there should have been a Default.aspx file amongst others in each child root.

Does anyone know what files should be there? 
What files should I have Arvixe restore from backup to make them work?

I am totally in the dark with this one and would appreciate any and all help.



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