Mobile skin setting per page?

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12/6/2015 3:03:05 PM
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Mobile skin setting per page?


Is it possible to set the mobile skin for a specific page?  I know that by setting the 'allow setting skin for page' option at the site level I can allow each page to have its skin specified explicitly, but even when that option is enabled I can't set a specific mobile skin for that page.  I can only set a mobile skin to be used at the site level.  I don't need or want to do that because I have a skin for my site which is responsive.

The reason I ask is that I have a couple of pages in a site which are not responding well to being responsive - they contain custom generated graphics which are being distorted by the responsive jquery code when viewed on a mobile device.  So I would like to specify a different mobile skin just for those pages so that I can control exactly how the layout should work.

Is there a web.config setting I am missing which would allow me to do this?



12/7/2015 10:18:08 AM
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Re: Mobile skin setting per page?

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately there is not a setting for this. If you were using a mobile skin and didn't want to use it on specific pages you could set this in the user.config:

<add key="MobileDetectionExcludeUrlsCsv" value="/page-1,/cool-responsive-page" />

But, that's for the opposite of what you are doing. If you have jquery doing things to make your skin responsive you should probably find ways to use CSS Media Queries in as many cases as possible. Without seeing your site I can't really suggest anything specific.

Joe D.

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