Memory limit reached

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Post here for help with installation of mojoPortal pre-compiled release packages

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  • What version of .NET do you use?
  • What steps are necessary to reproduce the issue? Compare expected results vs actual results.

You may also want to review the installation or upgrading documentation.

If you have questions about using the source code or working with mojoPortal in Visual Studio, please post in the Developer forum.

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7/2/2015 8:51:28 AM
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Memory limit reached

What operating system? Microsoft Windows Server 2012 *R2* Standard
What database platform? MS SQL 2012
What version of mojoPortal? MSSQL
What version of .NET? 4.0.30319.34209 Running in Full Trust

I am using the suggested Arvixe hosting. I spent the last 24 hours trying to get a new mojo site working. Keeps returning 503 errors, compiler errors, and out of memory errors per their tech support. I am using the pre-compiled Mojo files with html modules, a general contact us module, a gallery image module, and also a purchased form wizard pro module. No custom code, no custom compiling, etc.

Looking at the mojo logs there are a few page not found, but no other really obvious things. With the app pool shutting down it's likely that no errors are getting logged. My next step, per their request, is to delete all files and reupload the entire site (which I've done once, but will do again just because).

After ALOT of calls, emails, and tickets about issues with this latest site setup, their last response was this:

"Service Unavailable

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable."

At 3:24 PM PST I found the following error

"Application pool ' v4.0 (Integrated)' is being automatically disabled due to a series of failures in the process(es) serving that application pool."

Before that message, there was many of these

"A worker process serving application pool ' v4.0 (Integrated)' has requested a recycle because it reached its private bytes memory limit."

Relating to compiler errors, the two most common reasons I see for them are

1) Incorrectly set bit (do you need 32 or 64bit?)
2) Hitting memory limits, sometimes related with number one above.

As we value your business, and since we do not oversell our systems and have extra RAM available, I've bumped up your memory usage from 614400 to 1614400 in an attempt to keep your website online while you further investigate this and or get back to us with the bit set that you require. You need to get to the bottom of the excessive memory usage. I do assure you that your application using a large portion of memory and hitting these limits is not an issue of our service. You may wish to attempt republishing your website to attempt to role out a possible easy issue.

7/2/2015 9:34:40 AM
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Re: Memory limit reached

Sorry but I have no idea why you are having that trouble. Lots of others using the same software without issues even at the same host.

"I've bumped up your memory usage from 614400 to 1614400"

that is not clear what units of memory is available bits bytes what?. My understanding is that Arvixe makes 200MB of memory available in shared .net hosting which should be sufficient to prevent out of memory errors. Less than that would tend to result in out of memory errors mainly because of the way memory is allocated and garbage collected by .net framework you need a good amount of overhead available.

Shared hosting can be a hit or miss thing even with a given host things may work great on some servers and not on others. Arvixe is about as good as most budget hosting, but the main reason I link to them is because they have a good affiliate program it isn't like you hear me singing their praises all the time. Over the years there have been a number of people who have had problems hosting there, most of the time they get resolved, but also a number of people who have had good luck hosting there. Even you I think have other sites hosted there without problems, this is not your first site as far as I know.

I would suggest ask them to move you to a different server and see if that resolves the problem, otherwise maybe it is time to try a different host. I have never heard of a single complaint from anyone using i7MEDIA hosting for example but it may not be as cheap as Arvixe.

7/2/2015 10:07:58 AM
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Re: Memory limit reached

As always, thanks for the response and thoughts! I do have two other mojo sites on Arvixe on different servers running fine. That's what puzzles me and what I've tried explaining to them - asking them to compare to see what might be different. I do think it's time to get this account on a different server, if they'll do that. Everything I can think to try is done on my side.

No ill feelings. I know you don't suggest using them or anything. Just trying to show I went as vanilla as possible on everything for this site. Also just trying to get all the details in about what software and hosting and such I used. I was hoping this was something you'd seen before and there was a "this will fix it" type answer =) But again I do appreciate your thoughts and efforts to help.

Three websites each with Form Pro. Trying to keep some $$ coming your way for this awesome CMS! Thanks for all you do! By the way, as to their affiliate program, I'm not sure if you got credit for these three sites or not. PM me and I'll give you the websites, purchase dates, and I think they usually ask for the username.  You might as well get credit for the referral, a little more $$ your way!

Thanks again!

7/2/2015 10:32:00 AM
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Re: Memory limit reached

I think the only way I can get affiliate revenue is if someone clicks the links to arvixe on this site, then it sets a cookie and I get credit for the sale, otherwise I miss out and I don't think there is any way to retroactively claim it. But I do appreciate the thought. It is nice to get commissions from the hosting sales but it is more important that people are happy with the hosting.

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