Cannot sign in to Administration

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1/29/2015 12:39:44 PM
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Cannot sign in to Administration

I developed a site under Domain A ( and copied all the files to Domain B ( which is the final location. Everything works well on Domain B except I cannot sign in to update the site. I get an error indicating it is a server error. I can however sign in to Server A and make updates. Any updates made on server A are immediately available on Server B.

I suspect this may have something to do with database access, but I can't be sure and I do not know how check. All the files for Domain A and Domain B are identical.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




2/5/2015 2:02:19 AM
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Re: Cannot sign in to Administration

Did you make a backup of your Web.config file? 

If you did grab the "machinekey" value in the backup file, replace that value in the existing web.config file. Then try to login with what you is the right admin account.

If that doesn't work... replicate (Domain A)'s credential.

1. Copy the machinekey from the web.config to the Domain B's web.config

2. Goto the Domain A's database and table for mp_Users, assuming that user names are the same ... all you have to do is  copy the admin account's PasswordSalt and Password values.

3. Paste those respective values into the Domain B's database and table for mp_Users.

When you hit the web site again the app should pickup the changes to the web.config and restart automatically. Sign in with the credential from domain A .... that should works. LMK ...Great! 

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