New server- slideshow height problems

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1/8/2015 10:11:18 AM
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New server- slideshow height problems

I'm prepping a site to go live, and have just moved it from a development server to the server where it will live when live. 

On the development server, the slideshow height was set to auto and it worked without a problem. 

On the live server, the slideshow height is also set to auto, but it isn't working. The slideshow is overlapping the elements under it, rather than holding space open for it's height. 

The odd thing is that it's an inconsistent issue. Sometimes it loads correctly, sometimes it doesn't. If you click a link to the home page, it displays fine, if you refresh the home page, it does not. 

Any idea what would cause that or how to fix it? 


6/12/2020 11:55:04 AM
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Re: New server- slideshow height problems


It sounds like your development server is local so the images that populate the slider were loading instantly, but when requesting the images from the live site it took a moment for them to load, and the slider was setting its height before the images loaded. If you're using jQuery for your slider, you can fix this by initializing the slider in a $(window).on('load', function() { ... }); call. One popular solution for these loading problems is to use CSS to create a "loading" window where your slider will be, all styled with a "loading" class, with a preset minimum width/height, and then have the slider remove the "loading" class once it has all it's assets ready.

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