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9/22/2014 4:14:44 AM
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mojoPortal Skin art42-businessblue3

Hi everyone,

I have a little challenge were I would like the menu bar not to be visible if you are not logged on (authenticated) to the site, see link below:

Logged on (authenticated) to the site you should of course be able to see the menu bar, see link below:

I also wonder if it is possible to adjust the height and response speed of the menu bar.


Any help is much appreciated.

9/22/2014 6:59:29 AM
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Re: mojoPortal Skin art42-businessblue3

menu items are filtered by the page view roles, so any pages that the user is not in the allowed view roles will be filtered out of the menu and the user will not be able to access them by direct url either.

So, one solution is mark all pages with view role "Authenticated Users", then all pages will be filtered from the menu until the user logs in. All users get added to the "Autheticated Users" role by default when the user is created. In page settings you must remove also the role "All Users" so it is not allowed, as that allows unauthenticated users.

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