Export / import complete sites so I can migrate to Azure

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8/15/2014 11:22:46 AM
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Export / import complete sites so I can migrate to Azure

Hi All / Joe!

Perhaps this is already possible but I didn't find it on the forum / website. I am running two MojoPortal servers at my home for a few people I know. Love it. But my server crashed and although the MojoPortals are VMs I should be able to recover I'm done with running a server at my house. The power consumption, noise and hassle if something fails. So I want to move everything to Windows Azure. I could move the VMs (I guess, in some way) but I'd rather use the Azure Websites feature to run MojoPortal sites and then export the sites on my server, import them on the Azure MojoPortal instance, update the DNS and done. I don't even know if I can run multiple sites on one MojoPortal instance in Azure but either way - Let's move to the cloud. So a feature request or how-to inquiry: How do I get my sites with skins and content to Windows Azure sites. Thanks!

PS. Joe I bought you a few beers for the great work on MojoPortal. TX!

8/15/2014 11:42:43 AM
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Re: Export / import complete sites so I can migrate to Azure

Hi Tony,

Many thanks for the generous beers! Much appreciated.

Basically you need to migrate the files and the database from your local vms to Azure websites.

You can use ftp to upload the files to Azure web sites, and you will need to use a tool like the Sql Azure Migration Wizard to migrate your database to Sql Azure.

Once the files and database are migrated you just change the connection string in the user.config file to point to the new sql azure database.

I'm not sure about running a multi site installation from a single Azure web site. In theory host name based multi sites should be possible as long as the dns /ip for both/each domains can point to the same Azure website installation.  But I'm fairly certain the ip addresses are shared with other sites so there would need to be host name header in IIS in Azure for each host. There is probably a way to do that or to get a dedicated fixed ip address, but I can't say that  I know off the top of my head.

Folder based multi sites should just work so long as the first site is a root site level site.

In general though, I think Azure hosting is relatively expensive vs traditional shared hosting. In some accounts they give you a free Azure web site but the Sql Azure is not free and tends to be expensive in my experience. If these are low traffic brochure type sites I would probably go with traditional shared hosting. You get more scalability with Azure but it does tend to cost more as a result and if you don't really need the scale then why pay for it.

With traditional hosting you can make a local backup of the db and ask the host to restore it and re-attach a sql user, or you can generate scripts that can be used to migrate both the structure and data into sql scripts that can be executed on the new db.

Hope that helps,


8/15/2014 11:45:59 AM
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Re: Export / import complete sites so I can migrate to Azure

If you move vms to Azure that will definitely cost. Recently I setup a vm from their gallery to try out VS 2014 and .NET vnext, then I turned off the vm and didn't get around to using it for a few weeks, then I got my bill and it was $38 after only a couple weeks with a turned off vm so I deleted it.

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