Survey problems

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1/22/2008 3:25:24 PM
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Thomas F. Heringer

Survey problems

I have a question is our survey feature working? I have created a survey using, but when I try and paste it into the code for the survey and save it I get this message:

"We're sorry but a server error has occurred while trying to process your request.

The error has been logged and will be reviewed by our staff as soon as possible. It is possible that the error was just a momentary hiccup and you may wish to use the back button and try again or go back to the home page."

1/23/2008 5:42:09 AM
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Re: Survey problems

Hi Thomas,

There is a bug in the Survey in the current release. It throws an error when trying to create a survey. I've spent the last few days putting some love into the Survey feature, fixed this bug and did some usability improvements. I plan to make another incremental release by this weekend with the Survey improvements. Currently I'm making similar improvements to the Poll feature.

The survey feature is not designed for you to paste something in from any web sites. Everything you need to make a survey is built in, it will be more clear how to use it when you see the new improved version.



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