Event Calendar Pro request

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5/8/2014 2:28:04 AM
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Event Calendar Pro request

Dear Joe,

I know that this was requested a few years ago, but I have had a recent request for a site I have been working on.

In Event Calendar Pro week view could an option be added to select a week view to show: seven days starting from the day today (current option); seven days starting from the day sunday; or seven days starting from the day monday.

If this is possible, then second two options would benefit from having the day of the week in the calendar header much like you have for the month view.

I don't think any of above is available for me to easily code by hand into the site.

Many thanks, Karl


5/8/2014 10:37:52 AM
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Re: Event Calendar Pro request

Hi Karl,

Currently in the absence of a date parameter in the query string it uses the current date as the start date and goes 7 days into the future from there. If the next or previous link is clicked then a date parameter is in the query string and it uses that.

It would be fairly easy to add a setting for an offset value by a number of days, in other words there could be a setting with the value 7 which would mean in the absence of a parameter add 7 days to the current date and use that as the start so by default it shows the next week instead of the current week unless the user navigates.

Making it go by a day of the week would be much more difficult to solve. How do we decide if its the previous or the next monday from the current date for example?

It is currently possible to customizing the date format of the header on weekview/dayview. See the article Event Calendar Pro Tips and Tricks. If you want the day name included for example you could use:

HeaderDateFormat="ddd M/dd/yyyy" 


HeaderDateFormat="dddd M/dd/yyyy"


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