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4/19/2014 1:35:52 AM
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Send password to user

Hi Joe

I have a site where an administrator always creates new user accounts, puts them into a role, and fills in certain essential properties. She sets their pwd to their email address, then she then emails the person and asks them to log in and change it.

I don't like this much - often the new users do not log in for ages, leaving a security hole, plus she often keeps differential casing in the email address meaning the user has trouble logging in. (See my separate thread about a bug when you change casing!).

But we have not found any slicker way of creating and activating new user accounts. Ideally, immediately after creating the account the admin should be able to click a button to send the account details and password to the user... the user then logs in (and is then asked to change their password due to appropriate site settings).

This is essentially the same as the "Recover password" function, but initiated by an admin instead of the user themselves, plus using a different message template (allowing us to add some fluff for new users).

So my request is for a new button on the Identity/Security tab of ManageUsers.aspx (available only to appropriate admins and the role for Create Users) called "Send password email" that saves the form, sets the password, and sends the message.

Suggestions welcome if we have missed another easy way of achieving the same result.

4/23/2014 11:31:02 AM
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Re: Send password to user

I've logged this request in our project tracker.



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