Image Jumps

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12/19/2013 10:04:34 PM
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Image Jumps

Right, so basically i've been working with mojoportal for months now. It's quite the handy piece of software. And recently noticed something rather peculiar with the header ( and various other bits).

Basically when the page loads the logo appears out of position before jumping into the correct alignment. At first I thought it may be a cacheing issue or maybe just load times. But i've had no luck fixing the image jumping on page load. I also went to the mojoportal demo website to see if the issue was just with me, but the demo site does it to. Swapping between pages or reloading the current page causes the logo and site slogan to jump into the correct position, which causes a rather annoying flicker every time you view a page.

I wanted to know if anyone has found a fix for this. Or any suggestions I can follow to stop the image jumping, and have it be in the correct position every time the page is loaded.

12/26/2013 1:09:41 PM
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Re: Image Jumps

I think the problem is because Artisteer uses javascript to position those things so the lag between when the page first loads the html and when the javascript executes can cause this kind of problem.

I think the experience of it varies by connection speed/page load speed and by which web browser is used, seems less of a problem in Firefox for example.

Unfortunately I don't really have specific suggestions for fixing the problem, it might be solvable by css but it would take trial and error to figure out if it could be fixed or how to fix it. positioning the images ahead of time by css for example could possibly make the javascript load time problem less noticeable or even fixed, but there still can be some lag also between when the html is loaded and when the css is loaded and applied. loading of css should come from the browser cache after the first request so it should load fast but there is still time to apply it to the html. Artisteer outputs a fairly large amount of css. It might help some to move parts of the css that affect those images closer to the top of the style.css file so they are applied sooner in the processing of the css.

I don't really offer support for modifying Artisteer designs outside of Artisteer and I cannot generally provide solutions to overcome the limitations caused by the choices of the Artisteer team in how they implement the css and javascript.

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