Child Pages displayed under Different Parent

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10/17/2013 10:01:02 AM
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Child Pages displayed under Different Parent

Hi Joe, (and anyone else who may be reading)


I am currently converting a site from DotNetNuke to MojoPortal and have run into a bit of a snag!


The site I'm trying to convert is this one  , on the left hand side you can see 2 menus, the first 5 links  


Why Plan School Fees
How SFIA Work
School Fee Solutions
Why Choose SFIA
Your Assurance


Are static links and wont ever need to be edited by the admin team so i have created those as a html module and have made it global which is straight forward enough to implement on each page. (after reading some help on this forum ;-) - I will be looking to add these 5 links into the Master.Layout further along the line, so any new pages created also contain the links )


under those links you will see 


Our Clients
About Us
Our Service
Independent Education
Key Facts


In DotNetNuke, this was created in a module which could then be used on multiple pages but it also allowed users to create pages and have them appear in the menu with the style already sorted without the need for any coding ability what so ever.


In MojoPortal I have been creating the pages using the New Page button and setting the pages to have Home as the parent. This was working great until I navigated to the News page, which didn't have any of the pages listed at all.


my page structure is currently like this




 --Our Clients

  ---Who We Help


  ---Facts and Figures
  ---Case Studies

 --About Us

  ---Managing Directors
  ---Customer Service



-Contact Us



Is there a way for me to use the pages I have already created and have them being displayed on all pages regardless of where they live in the site hierarchy?


I did hunt around the forum for a while to see if I could find someone who has had the same issue, but the closest I found was this link.

 But unfortunately it didn’t have any replies.


The work around for this I have thought so far would be to create another HTML module and set it to global, the problem this creates though is the people who will be administering the site don’t have the knowledge to be able to work with it after its in place.


I was hoping for a setting somewhere called “SetTreeViewOnAllPages”


Any help would be massively appreciated


All the best





My colleague and I are loving Mojo, especially the forum support which is provided by yourself and other MojoPros, its already helped me through several issues ;-) 

10/18/2013 7:31:11 AM
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Re: Child Pages displayed under Different Parent


The menus are generally going to reflect the site hierarchy as seen on the site map. 

If the menu items that you want to show on every page are all child pages of a single parent page you could embed a <portal:FlexMenu directly in layout.master and set the StartingNodePageId to the pageid of the parent page.

Note that StartingNodePageId is a relatively new property so to use it you should use the latest version of mojoPortal.

Hope that helps,


10/21/2013 3:38:44 AM
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Re: Child Pages displayed under Different Parent



Thanks for the feedback and link, I'll try it out and if i run into any problems I'll be sure to come running.


Thanks again


All the best


10/28/2013 9:00:14 AM
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Re: Child Pages displayed under Different Parent

Hi Joe,

before i go any further please be aware i am a complete beginner when it comes to JQuery, so if you spot something i have done which is horrible please do point it out as I am trying to learn as I go(the majority of it is copy and paste though with a few changes i have had to apply which appear to work so I have the potential to blame someone else ;-) )

I have had some fun and games getting the menu to show up under the different parent pages but have managed it.

The menu is an accordion menu but using a flexmenu as you suggested.

the issue i am now running into is when i click on one of the links in the menu, instead of the link going to the page its supposed too, it actually expands and collapses the menu.

What i would now like to do is add a + symbol to the menu items which have children, so when i click on the + it expands the menu, when the menu is expanded i would like the  + to turn into a - which when clicked would collapse the menu.

I assume the best way to do this is by adding a <span> + </span> to the link itself and i could then adapt the jquery to work on the span which would then leave the links as links.

I have been struggling with this for a little while now and would really appreciate some help 

I thought the best way to demo this was with JSFiddle which can be found here

any advice would be hugely appreciated.

All the best



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