Blog View Problem.

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8/26/2013 6:06:23 AM
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Blog View Problem.

 I created a skin which contains top Panel & normal (left ,center ,right panel).
 on one page i added blog feature & it is working well.
 I have created one blog post.
 when i view that post,i see all content added in center panel.
 It is looking good but one of the requirement of client is that along with center content ,User should allowed to add images at top panel  which is related to that blog Content. Is it possible ?

8/26/2013 11:45:46 AM
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Re: Blog View Problem.

No, there is nothing built in for that kind of functionality so there is no trivial way to do it.

One could put a div with a specific id in the layout.master file of the skin then include javascript in the blog post to load an image there but again that is not trivial or user friendly.

One could also use different skins on different pages and each skin can have different images in the header but the blog does not use different skins per post it uses whatever skin is assigned to the cms page the contains the blog.

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