Support nuGet packages

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7/12/2013 6:11:02 AM
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Support nuGet packages

Hi Joe,

I've read this posts - - where you were looking for interesting things to justify implementing some nuGet supports.

I'm a developer and I frequently work on building very custom feature in top of you excellent CMS but while working on those custom features i don't follow you "canonical" to do lists for doing that stuffs. For example for building up my custom modules I think is more practical to not use the "source code package" as suggested in the developer docs documentation section but always use the "standard deployment package" taken from codeplex.

In order to do that it would be very nice and helpfull to have a nuGet package to reference the necessary mojoportal libraries to build up custom features:

  • mojoPortal.Business.dll
  • mojoPortal.Business.WebHelpers.dll
  • mojoPortal.Features.UI.dll
  • mojoPortal.Net.dll
  • mojoPortal.Web.Controls.dll
  • mojoPortal.Web.dll
  • mojoPortal.Web.Editor.dll
  • mojoPortal.Web.Framework.dll

thanks very much for your work

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