Odd information in System Logs

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6/2/2013 2:05:15 PM
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Odd information in System Logs

Hey Joe,

I'm supplying you a link to a system log for one of my clients websites, and then reason is I have some odd not English lettering wording which has never shown before.

Can you please take a look and inform me if this is normal now or ?





URL:  http://www.asd-fl.com/mojoportal/mojoportal-log-20130602140058.txt

6/3/2013 9:37:20 AM
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Re: Odd information in System Logs

Those are just application start events being logged. They happened to occur when a browser with non english as the preferred language made a request so they are localized to a different language. So in other words your site goes to sleep (application shuts down) when there is no traffic and then you get a request from China that wakes up the site and fires the application start event. So you seem to be getting traffic from China on a regular basis or at least a web browser with the preferred language set to Chinese. Basically the executing thread gets set to a specific culture and then the resource files for that language are used.

By default we have automatic localization to browser language preference but you can configure to force a specific language. ie you could force en-US if you never want any auto localization, then you would only see English in the log.

Hope that helps,


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