User auto creat from xml

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5/18/2013 6:20:31 PM
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User auto creat from xml

I know this has been asked before but no proposed soultion was given I am not a skilled enough programer to change code to make this work and i know joe you not in favor of custom code so below is my requested feature this would make a unified way that everone can add users in bulk in a unified standard format I chose XML because it is in a generic standardised markup format and all os's includeing mobile is able to edit the files with a simple text editor and have it look the same way every time.


I would like to bulk create users from a xml file. so what im asking is a mojoportal modual that can auto create bulk users if it is formated in a certan way. so the workflow for this would be click administration >user list > add a box here that says import users>browse to the file and import.  At this time a script could excute to import the defined values on the xml that are predefined (UserID", "UserGuid", "Name", "LoginName", "Email", ) or what ever is defined in CustomProfile.config if the values in the xml are missing script asums a null value and script forces a password change on first login. Also a xml value for require email address verifaction on all users should be added with a  posible value of true or false  in that instant where that option is set to true a email value in xml needs to be present or a admin will have to manualy set the user acount as active. If set to false or blank it assumes no email verfication is needed (on a side note i think you could set membership roles witha  numerical value 1-10 where 1= user and 10 = site admin Altho i think this option is unwise and could lead to misuse of this feature)



Thanks so much for the hard work you guys do and i love you product.




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