Authenticated CSS

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5/2/2013 12:55:11 PM
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Authenticated CSS

Hey Joe,

I was just updating some skins to work with the new upload manager and I realized that we are using a ton of CSS that really isn't needed for every day users.

We include a lot of CSS just to make the administration side of our sites prettier. I was wondering if there is an easy way to add a css file that would only be downloaded on administration pages or even just for logged in users, or if it would be easy for you to add a way to do this?

Maybe we could do something in the style.config where we could add a key to the <file> tag that tells it whether to load only on logged in/admin users or not? Or maybe a control in the layout.master that says 'adminonlycssfile="myfile.css"', or something?

That way regular users that just want to view the site and get data wouldn't need to download all the extra CSS (or the images called by the CSS) for administrative or authenticated content.

What do you think?


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