Folder Permissions

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3/27/2013 3:54:27 PM
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Folder Permissions

Hi Joe,

I have a website that allows users to create folders and upload documents.  I am seeing an issue in which the Create Folder feature is telling us "Your permissions don't allow you to create any more folders".  This is happening for myself (site administrator) as well as my Content Administrators.  

The directory that we're working with has 260 existing folders.  I have found the following in the appsettings of my web.config file and bumped the number of folders to 500, however, it is still restricting us. 

    <add key="UserFolderMaxNumberOfFolders" value="500"/>

    <add key="MediaFolderMaxNumberOfFolders" value="1000"/>

    <add key="AdminMaxNumberOfFolders" value="1000"/>

Can you please provide some assistance as to why we would still be having issues?



3/27/2013 4:08:23 PM
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Re: Folder Permissions

sub folders factor into the number of existing folders so there could be more than allowed already even with those numbers if there are lots of sub folders beneath those 260. I would just keep raising those numbers until it works.

edit - I would also override them in user.config instead of web.config so you don't lose those settings on upgrades.

Hope that helps,


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