Sitemap Problem.

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3/12/2013 7:29:09 AM
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Sitemap Problem.

Hi I have problem with sitemap.When i try to see sitemap on my custom skin .It is not showing anything  but when i switched to inbuilt skin in mojo portal entire sitemap is displayed.
I have checked the difference between two layout.master files it is almost same except some css classes & divs.Please help me out.thanks in advance.

3/12/2013 8:15:06 AM
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Re: Sitemap Problem.

This is probably a CSS issue not a markup issue. You should use firebug or another in-browser page inspector to look and see if the sitemap is rendering in the DOM. If it is, then you almost certainly just have a CSS issue, which you should be able to troubleshoot using the same tools.

If you post a link to the site I can try to determine the issue for you.

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