That useless cookie warning

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3/6/2013 6:53:45 AM
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That useless cookie warning

It looks like european lawmakers don't know anything about internet, so they wrote an useless directive that forces websites to warn that they are setting a cookie (omg! a dangerous cookie!)

So, every website must show an useless bar on top that nags the user on the first visit saying "we are storing cookies, do you agree? If you disagree use incognito mode or GTFO"

I totally hate this stuff, but it would be nice if it would be integrated and show an optional nag bar

Luckily, my country is super slow in ratificate eu directives, so my websites will be safe until 2019, i guess, hahaha

3/6/2013 10:15:18 AM
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Re: That useless cookie warning


The EU cookie law has been discussed before on this thread, as well as here and here. As far as I understand it does not apply to authentication cookies or cookies required for functionality to work correctly. The main concern would be for tracking cookies such as for google analytics (or cookies for ad tracking affiliates sales and such) and if you have to prompt for that you might as well just stop using analytics or those other cookie dependent things because you will only track the small percent of people who would actually click yes to such a prompt.

It is such a stupid law that I do not think it merits development effort to comply with it. I would never put such a prompt on my own site or recommend a customer to do that.

Think about it, most web sites primary purpose is marketing and call to action and what does this prompt do other than become the primary call to action distracting from all other calls to action that your site is really trying to promote and communicate. It is a poison pill.

Since it is not required for cookies that must work in order to use the site and only applies to other things like google analytics or ad tracking cookies my advice is if you must comply with the law then do away with that kind of tracking rather than add this onerous prompt. For example if you interpret that law to mean you cannot track users in google analytics except for the small percent of people who opt in to the prompt then google analytics will be basically useless so you might as well ditch it and just use IIS log analysis tools like SmarterStats instead of putting in this really bad prompt that distracts from the main purpose of your site. Its just ridiculous to do that in my opinion especially since hardly anyone is ever going to click yes and the vast majority of people will be put off by the prompt and maybe even leave your site as a result of it.

The law makers who wrote this stupid law just need to be prompted by having their arses kicked in my opinion.



3/6/2013 5:39:36 PM
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Re: That useless cookie warning

Man, at the european parliament they're dumb - who knows what they are thinking

Look at the Microsoft fine.

I don't get why Apple can sell millions of iPads without an official way to set a different browser as default and don't get fined.

Moreover they are ignoring the eu law about standard microusb connectors on every phone and the eu law of two mandatory years of free warranty, tricking customers to buy applecare

10/22/2013 12:01:18 PM
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When enough isn't

Re: That useless cookie warning

I want to recommend a solution.

I live in EU (Denmark) and have both some national sites and a worldwide site. If you in any way want to use Google analytics (or similar) and Facebook integration you NEED to comply with the Cookie law.

I found a great solution, which is freeware:

  • It's very customizable and you can add your own translations
  • I can set it at my global website, so it only impacts EU located users
  • You can decide to impact the user with everything until he accepts or very light with only one light warning that won't appear again and continues to use cookies if he does nothing
  • You can test a limited amount of times your websites for a score of compliance
  • You just place a code in your layout.master right before your </head>, turnoff the mojoportal Google analytics and add your analytics code manually
  • You can react in the javascript codes for analytics, facebook etc to turn them off if the user doesn't accept those cookies

My danish site:

My international site:

Hope it helps others

Lars Rathje

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