How to publish website in mojoportal without source code.

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3/2/2013 3:43:42 AM
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How to publish website in mojoportal without source code.


I have set of questions related to mojo Portal website deployment.

I have downloaded & install mojo portal for developing my Website.

Data is in release mode. I have created new skin & added some images to it.

Now i need to host my website on test server to check the site performance.

Can I deploy website without Source code

When I open mojo portal as website I see option called Publish Website can we use this option to publish? Will it create any problem?

& where should I place my newly added  images

Please give me step by stem guideline to publish a website without source code

Thanks in advance.

3/2/2013 1:21:55 PM
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Re: How to publish website in mojoportal without source code.


You don't need the source code to put your website on a server. If it is a hosted server, the easiest and recommended way to get your site on the server is to use FTP. All you need to do is copy the contents of the wwwroot folder to the website folder on the server (usually this is wwwroot or htdocs or something similar, your host can tell you for sure). As far as your database goes, create a backup of it and restore this backup on your hosted server using whatever methods are available to you from your host.

See these instructions for more detailed information.

For your images, if they are for your skin, they should go inside of the folder containing your skin.


3/2/2013 2:54:49 PM
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Re: How to publish website in mojoportal without source code.

I don't generally recommend creating the site content on your dev machine then moving it to hosting because it is more work to do it that way and requires making a backup of the database and restoring it at the host. I find it much easier to just install it and create the content at the hosted installation. If you want to keep it private until launch time you can close the site from Administration and then the pages and content can only be seen when logged in as admin.

As Joe Davis mentioned you don't need the source code unless you are developing custom features to extend mojoPortal and you certainly don't need visual studio to create content. Our download packages don't even contain any c# source code, they are pre-compiled. People often open the pre-compiled deployment files in Visual Studio and then think they have the source code but they do not. You may want to look at the article Understanding the Difference Between Deployment Packages and Source Code. The VS publish feature is used for making pre-compiled deployment packages  from the actual source code which could then be deployed to hosting but we do that for you when we make official release packages. Opening our pre-compiled package in VS and then publishing it is pretty much pointless since it is already compiled and has no c# source code. 

Hope that helps,


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