SearchResults.aspx Skin Control

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1/21/2013 12:19:24 PM
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SearchResults.aspx Skin Control

Seems that SearchResults.aspx is posting to our default 2 Column skin and starting all the way to the left.

There is an image background of a different color for the left panel.

Q1.  How can I control it so it would go to a Zero Column skin (that we have) named "0cols"

Q2.  Would really like to have it go to the default "2cols" skin starting at the main portion of the page about 250px from the left... and be able to put our normal things in the left column anyway.


Thanks in advance


1/21/2013 1:26:38 PM
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Re: SearchResults.aspx Skin Control


As you have noticed, the SearchResults.aspx page will use the site default skin. There is no way to tell it (or any other system page) to use something else.

In general, I would recommend a more robust method of creating the columns than using different skins with different background images. mojoPortal automatically adds columns based on where content is located (left, center, right panes). This makes the page more dynamic but can add a bit of complexity to the skin.

If your background image being referenced through CSS and isn't using an IMG element in the layout.master, you can use the "searchresults" CSS class added to the body on the SearchResults.aspx page to change the image.

Something like this if the element the background is applied to has a class of "pagewrapper":

.searchresults .pagewrapper {
   background-image: no-cols.jpg;

If you are using an artisteer skin and it has a bunch of :after and :before pseudo-elements, your CSS is going to be (unnecessarily) more complicated.

Posting a link to your site will help us help you.

Joe D.

1/24/2013 5:10:50 AM
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Re: SearchResults.aspx Skin Control

and yes we are using artisteer


/* begin Box, Sheet */
/*max-width:1152px; */ /* max-width:1000px;*/
margin-top: 0; /* margin-top:-30px -60px; this raises the content box up into the header image*/
margin-bottom: -5px;
width: 1152px; /*width: 1000px;*/
padding-top:11px; /*padding-top:11px;*/
.art-sheet:before, .art-sheet:after
content: url('images/sheet_t_2col.png');
font-size: 0;
background-image: url('images/sheet_b_2col.png');
clip:rect(auto, auto, auto, 1129px); /* clip:rect(auto);*/ /* clip:rect(auto, auto, auto, 979px);- clip:rect(auto, auto, auto, 1130px);*/


1/24/2013 7:04:22 AM
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Re: SearchResults.aspx Skin Control


We can't really provide support for people who modify the css outside of artisteer.

The whole notion of skins defined with specific column layouts is working against the system. All skins should be able to adapt from 1 to 3 columns automatically depending on the actual content of the page. All skins that we ship as examples work that way and the search page automatically only shows the middle column in all skins that we ship. By working against the system you are making it harder for yourself and making it difficult for us to offer helpful advice.

I recommend read the article How The Main Column Layout works and consider working with the system instead of forcing column layouts per skin.

Even if you want to force specific page skins to have specific column layouts you should make the default site skin work with the system so that expected results happen on pages such as the search page.

Hope that helps,


2/12/2013 3:29:24 AM
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Re: SearchResults.aspx Skin Control

Q.  Can we assign one of the menu's we have for the left nav to the searchresults.asp page?

There are also other items we would actually like to have in there as well

 this  at

background-color:#E2F1CB;}  got real wierd and goes across the whole page, and only portions of the artisteer sheet

 and this with or without the bgcolor are still pulling the 2cols.png background, which is green in the left column.  As you know having images for bg's is much better for printing purposes. - I DID reset the guid.

Line 842 data/sites/1/skins/webnew-2columns/style.css



Looking on Chrome it appears the bg image is really from

<div class="art-box-body art-sheet-body">  Not the rest of this
                    <div class="art-layout-wrapper">
                        <div class="art-content-layout">
                            <div class="art-content-layout-row">
                                <div id="ctl00_divCenter" class="art-layout-cell art-content-wide center-nomargins cmszone">
                                    <a id="startcontent"></a>
                    <div id="ctl00_mainContent_pnlOuterWrap" class="art-box art-post">

        <div id="ctl00_mainContent_pnlInnerWrap" class="art-box-body art-post-body panelwrapper searchresults">


Q.  Can we assign one of the menu's we have for the left nav to the searchresults.asp page?

There are also other items we would actually like to have in there as well




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