Form Wizard Pro questions

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12/1/2012 12:14:15 PM
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Form Wizard Pro questions

The last page of a form is where the user can upload some files, but they cannot go back from this page to previous (unlike other pages in the survey). Using browser back drops the content from the previous page. Possible? Or a feature request?

Is there any possible conditionality/logic between questions, e.g. depending on the answer to Q1, either Q2 or Q3 can be made to appear? I've not spotted this capability, but I haven't been using the module for long.  If there is no provision for this, could this be a feature request please. I imagine this would be most easily applied at the page level, where the values from the previous page have been posted, and this would be fine for me.  It would allow the module to be used for more sophisticated questionnaires than a fixed format.

I suppose I could achieve similar by creating multiple forms that encapsulate all the permutations, and try to steer the user to the right one, but this does not seem elegant and I don't think it will work for my specific scenarios.

12/2/2012 10:39:40 AM
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Re: Form Wizard Pro questions


The file upload being done after the rest of the form is done for technical reasons that are difficult to solve and probably won't be solved any time soon. For the same reasons it isn't currently possible to back after completing the form and that probably is not going to change near term.

Branching logic for questions has been requested before but it is a tall order, difficult to implement and support with the current drag and drop question arrangement. It is not likely that I will add that any time soon and if I ever do it may be a new product rather than a free upgrade. There are reasons that services exist for more complex survery scenarios,  branching logic can be done using services like Survey Monkey. It is difficult to implement and therefore people who do implement it tend to offer it as a service instead of selling the software for $99. Form Wizard Pro is only advertised as supporting simple surveys.



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