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11/14/2012 4:14:06 PM
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Newsletter Images


So I have been working on the Newsletter features... so much fun. And I have a nice layout going and style that seems to work in almost all the email clients I have tried and even looks sweet on my iphone. I do have a major issue however, the images I used won't display. I know this is some times about the email client, but there is no "display removed content" option, it happens in every client and I can't seem to find anything with in the client that is stopping the images. I did some research and saw that you have to use the Full URL, which I am and it still is not loading .... Any other ideas I might try??


Thanks so much


11/15/2012 8:35:10 AM
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Re: Newsletter Images

mojoPortal will automatically resolve relative urls to fully qualified urls in the newsletter

To figure out the problem with the images you would need a way to inspect the markup actually delivered in the email to see if the url is correct for the image.

For example if your site is on the internet but you are also accessing it directly from the server as localhost and you send the newsletter from that context it would cause this problem because the image urls would have localhost in their urls not the public internet address, and localhost always points to the user's own machine so the image would not exist at that url. You should login to your site from the public side to send a newsletter.

Hope that helps,


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