Content Admins Edit Permissions problem

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10/30/2012 11:15:55 AM
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Content Admins Edit Permissions problem

System Information
mojoPortal Version MSSQL
Operating System Microsoft Windows NT 5.2.3790 Service Pack 2
ASP.NET Info v4.0.30319 Running in Full Trust

Doing some final testing and writing a user manual I was logged in as my user who is a member of the Content Administrators role as verified both through the UI and by database query.

I create a new piece of content from the content manager but do not publish it. I cannot edit the content - still logged in as the user in the Content Administrator role - getting a permission denied error from the edit icon.

I can set and save the feature settings and I can change the edit permissions.

In the edit permissions the radio button 'Administrators, Content Administrators, and roles selected below' is selected and greyed which is correct as I should not be able to change that to Administrators only, and I can add roles and save them.

If I add Authenticated users to the edit roles I can edit.

I can publish the content.

Once published I can edit it.

Am I missing something obvious here - I was just trying to document how to work with a new HTML Content block without having to publish it.

The authorizededitroles field in mp_modules is an empty string which is what I would expect as Content Admins and Administrators should be able to edit by default. 



10/30/2012 11:17:59 AM
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Re: Content Admins Edit Permissions problem

The link of the edit icon is

10/30/2012 12:16:13 PM
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Re: Content Admins Edit Permissions problem

Hi John,

Most features require a page context for editing to enforce page level edit permissions. The HTML Content feature is the only one where we have tried to make exceptions to that rule. I thought it was already implemented to support admins and content admins editing it without a page context but I was able to replicate this problem as Content Admin. I just fixed this in my copy so it will be fixed int he next release. But for now you can either edit as an admin or set the module edit roles to a specific role that the user is in. I would not set it to authenticated users since that would let anyone who can sign into the site edit once it is published on a page.



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