forums and google crawler

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9/27/2012 8:03:44 AM
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forums and google crawler

If I do a Google search for some specific text that exists in Html Content, Google finds it and returns my website page correctly. But if I do the same for text that exists in a forum, Google does not find it. Am I doing something wrong? Does Google not crawl forum posts?

10/11/2012 10:14:19 AM
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Re: forums and google crawler

This thread is the one search result on Google for "does google not crawl forum posts", so it definitely should be working. I don't have any forums on our sites, so I can't offer any advice other than playing around with Google Webmaster Tools and see if you can figure out what's going on.

11/9/2012 1:20:06 PM
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Re: forums and google crawler

Just fyi, in the next release of mojoPortal we will have some seo improvements in the forums including a site map for forum threads that you can submit in google webmaster tools.

I think part of the reason our forums have done well in google is because this site has been around for a long time and gets quite a bit of traffic in general so google has done a pretty good job in crawling our forums. The new site map should help with newer sites to tell google how to crawl the forums.

Additionally we've also combined some of the url parameters so that the indexable thread urls only have 2 query string params since google recommends not having more than 2 params.

We've had the rel=previous and rel=next meta links for a while now but we've also created an all view for the thread which google prefers for indexing and we now use that for the canonical thread url.

This site is already running the latest code and I've submitted our forum site map last week, on this site that added around 10,000 urls that google is indexing for us, though it took a few days before they processed that new site map. I'm sure they were indexing some of those urls before but I definitely think these new improvements should help.



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