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9/19/2012 3:32:58 AM
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Personal Pages 2.0

Reading my earlier posting about Personal Pages, it appears to me that I haven't been fully clear.. So I'll try to explain a bit more in detail where my need for personal pages originates from.

I am using MojoPortal as a BlendedLearning environment in the specific area of organisational change, team development and training. That means: me and my partners are working as consultants, facilitators and/or trainers. In our work, we are facilitating teams/groups of employees in change and development, both personal and professional.
The Online BlendedLearning environment has several goals:
1) provide information and inspiration to participants of our programs
2) provide a platform for sharing experiences peer-to-peer
3) provide a two-way communication platform between participants and consultants/facilitators/trainers

Number 1) and 2) are fully okay within MojoPortal as it is now. Lots of thanks for that!
Number 3) has a lot of potential for further improvement.

Let me explain: I'd love to provide assignments/homework to the participants of the programs and give them the possibility to upload their reports, asssigments or what so ever on a personal page. It would be a bad idea if all the other participants can approach these personal pages, since they could just copy eachothers work.
Therefor, it would be ideal if a webpage could be accessed (viewed and/or edited) not only by a "Role" but also by a specific user. Just as it is possible in the Blog-feature for example.

To me, it appears that the impact of this additional function is quite small in terms of one-off development time. I can imagine that this function is very usefull in a lot of other situations, where two-way communication on a individual level between members is necessary.

Hope I am more clear about my request by now and that it will be picked as "low hanging fruit" ;-)))



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