Calendar Control Style

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9/8/2012 3:51:11 PM
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Calendar Control Style

My website has an almost black, charcoal background, so the month name at the top of the control is very hard to read.

Is there a way to check this so it's visible and so the month forward and back is also visible? I want to keep the black look and feel to the websites.

I take it the control is transparent, and this is why it's so hard to read the black writing.

Here's what it looks like:

9/10/2012 12:18:37 PM
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Re: Calendar Control Style

These things are controlled from styledatacalendar.css for the event calendar and styleaspcalendar.css for the blog calendar in your skin folder.

After making changes to the css, go to Administration > Advanced Tools > Design Tools > Cache Tool and click the button to reset the skin guid, that will force the brwoser to reload the css with the changes.

Hope that helps,


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