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8/3/2012 1:14:31 AM
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I am working on a website and I was wondering if some options could be added to the in the future.

Using skinbase in the

In the there are options to change the image locations for things like the rss icons in the blog - but then there is a string that goes something like "~/Data/SiteImages/blank.gif". Instead, is there any way, or could you add a way, to reference the skinbase?

This way I could add an image to my skin and have a url like "skinbase_images/myrssicon.png" instead of having to change it if I ever move my skin to a new site etc.

Blog Subscribe icons

In my blog I have separated the subscribe links and added text to them manually with CSS. I manually added an <h3> to the "FeedLinksControl.ascx" file as well. This will disappear when I update though.

It's still under construction, but looking at it may give you a better idea of what I'm talking about: -- Directly under the calendar.

Could an option be added to the to add text for each link and add an <h3> above them?


When you enable content workflow and create a draft, a number of icons are added in your draft h2.moduletitle with the module edit links. Could you add an option to the change the icon images to something in your skin instead?  I've managed to overwrite the existing images using just CSS, but it'd be much cleaner to do it server side.


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