Document Sharing / Content Manager

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9/7/2007 11:25:01 AM
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Document Sharing / Content Manager

Hi Joe,

What would be the best way to go about this situation:

I have a number of doc's, pdf's, etc that I want to publish via Content Manager.  These files would then be accessible as "pages" within the portal.  By within, I mean so that the page is "wrapped" by the portal and sometimes, is linked in the navigation.

I realize I can publish a shared file manager and share files that way - or I could convert each doc/pdf to html (not a good option), but I'd really like the ability for my users to upload a doc, which is accessed like a "page".

Suggestions?   Is there a built in module to handle that or should I create one?



9/7/2007 2:49:32 PM
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Re: Document Sharing / Content Manager

Hey Chris,

It is possible to put a pdf directly in the menu if you create a page and then put a fully qulified url to the pdf file in the url in page settings.

You would have to implement something yourself to make it automatic such that a page with the correct url is created upon upload of a file automatically.

Hope it helps,


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