Blogs: Separate Components

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5/5/2012 10:05:00 AM
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Blogs: Separate Components

I'm in the midst of replacing a Community Server deployment with a new mojoPortal site ( On the Blog module, I'd like to suggest that the Blog component is separated into multiple components which can be arranged separately:

  • Blog List (the current "content" pane)
  • Blog Categories
  • Blog Calendar
  • Blog Archives
  • Blog Syndication (Perhaps not the best name - RSS + the buttons to add to Yahoo/Google etc)
  • Blog Statistics (Posts, Comments, Trackbacks etc)

This would allow the designer to place the elements individually on the page. For example, the left column might contain the calendar and Categories, the centre column the Blog List, and the right column the Archives/Syndication. It allows the components to be organised and ordered at the whim of the designer.

I wonder if this is as simple as separating the existing code into a number of other components ... but not really being a developer I have no idea, nor a way to start.

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