Help with Church Artisteer Skin

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3/26/2012 7:47:28 AM
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Help with Church Artisteer Skin

Please any assistance with the The Refuge Church Artisteer skin will be appreciated.

The Refuge Church  artisteer skin is part of the Artisteer sample templates you see when you open up artisteer.

I'm trying to use the template with the mojoPortal artisteer31-Torquoise template.

Everything seems identical. I've checked the style.css, compared the index.html with the layout.master, they are very similar.

But when I copy and paste the Refuge Church Artisteer template, and view, it doesn't even show any structure at all.

The only thing I noticed in artisteer is that you can't add a vertical menu to the template while designing in artisteer.

Kindly assist

3/26/2012 12:54:50 PM
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Re: Help with Church Artisteer Skin

I think you are talking about this template. I downloaded it to take a look and the first problem you're going to encounter is that the template is laid out with only one column. As documented on Creating Skins with Artisteer, you should be using a three-column layout in Artisteer for mojoPortal skins.

So I'd recommend you download the .artx file and open it in Artisteer. Change it to a 3-column layout, and export that as an HTML template. This design has:

  • header outside sheet
  • menu outside sheet below header
  • footer page width or sheet width (outside sheet)

So that dictates that you should be overwriting the delivered artisteer31-turquoise skin with your exported files.

I hope that helps,


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