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This forum is only for questions or discussions about working with the mojoPortal source code in Visual Studio or MonoDevelop, obtaining the source code from the repository, developing custom features, etc. If your question is not along these lines this is not the right forum. Please try to post your question in the appropriate forum.

You can monitor commits to the repository from this page or by subscribing to this feed. I also recommend developers to subscribe to email notifications in the developer forum as occasionally important things are announced.

Before posting questions here you might want to review the developer documentation.

DO NOT POST QUESTIONS ABOUT DESIGN, CSS OR SKINNING HERE, use the Help With Skins Forum for those questions.

Please note that I can't promise to answer every question, if I am able to help I will try, but I'm not The Wizard of Oz. If you ask questions like "How can I integrate mojoPortal with x?" or "How can I build y?" You can't really expect me to have some easy answer for you or have the time to research it for you. I mean its ok to post such questions and maybe someone in the community may have some experience with it, just don't have the expectation that I will personally answer questions like that. - Joe Audette

Subject Started by Total Views Total Replies Last Post
  User password retrieval email text mikew5163 33 5 1/12/2017 7:14:10 AM
  MojoPortal and own project integration PepeVV 23 0 1/10/2017 5:34:54 PM
  Cookie Size mmss 44 2 12/27/2016 1:06:27 PM
  Items in Data folder only show if logged in ckincincy 78 5 10/28/2016 12:07:27 PM
Joe Audette
  Converting Mercurial repo to Git/SVN... mike.mobley 95 0 10/2/2016 12:51:37 PM
  Edit header and footer in browser in mojoportal Dattatray03 95 0 7/13/2016 1:04:49 AM
  Upgrade JPlayer ashian 119 2 7/10/2016 12:35:46 AM
  Problems removing and re-adding Feature... mike.mobley 409 1 6/30/2016 9:39:12 AM
Abhishek Waman
  Routing John S 184 3 5/6/2016 11:35:47 AM
John S
  Mojoportal Search Robert Dilcher 151 1 4/15/2016 3:57:52 PM
  Cblink not working on the Home Page Robert Dilcher 178 7 4/10/2016 10:28:44 PM
Elijah Fowler
  how add nivo slider to header? tuantx69 524 0 3/9/2016 11:17:07 PM
  how add dropdown icon to horizontal main menu? tuantx69 546 0 3/9/2016 10:05:18 PM
  Alternative Image upload manager AndyF 611 2 2/17/2016 4:31:29 PM
  MSSQL 2014 Express - compatable or not digitaliway 227 1 2/1/2016 2:59:22 PM
Joe Audette
  User control creation problem AndyF 218 1 1/30/2016 6:53:05 AM
  Facebook comments on a newly created page rav_nan 713 0 1/18/2016 4:06:51 AM
  Could not load type 'mojoPortal.Data.SqlParameterHelper' rav_nan 261 1 1/3/2016 9:00:21 AM
Joe Audette
  one skin and multiple headers and layouts rav_nan 218 0 11/27/2015 9:58:38 AM
  This feature is being used in the content system. You must delete instances of this feature before you can delete the feature itself. foz604020 262 3 11/24/2015 4:42:01 PM
Joe Davis
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