New Feature implemented using an Ajax technique

I just commited the new feature to svn that allows you to give a single user edit permission on any module without creating a special role. If you need to give more than 1 user permission on a module, you should use a role. The new feature utilizes a SmartDropDown control that I implemented using Sarissa for the Ajax magic.  You can start typing a user name or email into the dropdown and the dropdown will suggest matching users from the database. You can either click or arrow down to select the user.

The feature is particularly useful if you want to give a user a blog in your site without creating a new role just for that user. It does work with any module though, not just blogs.

I will probably make another release with this feature in a day or so.

If you are using MS SQL or PostgreSQL, you will need to run the stored procedure script.

Release 20050618

A new release is available on the download page. This version includes the new Friendly Url Mapper, Blog Category and Calendar Navigation and other micellaneous improvements.

As always, if you have any problems please post in the forums.

Blog Calendar Navigation

I just commited the Blog calendar navigation feature to svn. I also added some new module settings to the upgrade script. One of the settings is whether to show or hide the calendar in the blog.

This will also be in the next release.

Coming next Category Navigation for the blog.

Friendly Url Mapping

I just commited a new feature to svn, it will be in the next release.

It allows you to setup mappings between friendly urls and pages in the site.

For example

maps to

Try it and see

The feature works better under mono/apache than it does under IIS because of the way IIS uses file extensions to determine which isapi handler processes the request.

In IIS to use a friendly url like, you have to actually create a Forums directory and put an empty text file in there named Default.aspx otherwise the request will not be handled by and you end up with a 404 error. You can use something like as a friendly url in IIS without having to actually create a folder or file. Using apache/mod_mono this is not needed as long as mod_mono is set as the handler for the site directory.

Some uses of this feature include:

  • Making it easy to migrate to mojoportal without breaking urls that google may have indexed from your old site.
  • Creating friendly urls for print ads or other communications
  • Giving users who have their own blog within your site a friendly url like

For those of you who are working with the source code from svn, feel free to try it out. There is an upgrade script in the folder for each data layer to create the new table and add the Feature

Release 20050530 alpha

A new release is now available on the download page. See my previous post for details about whats new in this release.