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mojoPortal Released

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, available now on the download page.

This release fixes a few bugs reported in and also adds full integration for MS AJAX so that developers can easily use it in their custom features. We've used the UpdatePanel in the blog and also in the Poll feature. The Poll Feature by Christian Fredh is included in the release files for MS SQL but hasn't yet been ported for the other data layers.

Note for Mono users:

I did not make a release for Mono but instead left the release for those running Mono 1.2.4 or higher. The reason for this is that the release versions of Mono (1.2.4 and 1.2.5) do not yet support the MS AJAX framework. However, if you can build Mono from svn it does work. I figure if you can build Mono from source code then you can also easily build mojoPortal from source code and the latest mojoPortal source code does work with the latest Mono built from svn. If you do build mojoPortal against the latest Mono, you also need to replace the Web.config file with the one from the _mono_errata folder. I think we can expect to see support for MS AJAX in Mono 1.2.6 since it is there and working in svn.

Also new this release

Improved pager control is now used on Memberlist, forums and other places where there are pages to browse through. The pager handles large numbers of pages in a visually graceful way.

I revamped the search engine creating a provider model for the search index builders so that its easy to plug in new ones. Now it is possible for developers to make their custom features searchable by implementing an IndexBuilderProvider with just 2 methods. I will be writing a tutorial on that in the next few days. I will also be documenting the steps to integrate features into the setup process which is also very easy now. We've done a lot lately to make it easy for 3rd party developers to implement features and hopefully this will lead to more interest in developing features that plug into mojoPortal.

As always, be sure and backup your site and db before upgrading, review the upgrading tips, and post in the forums if you run into any troubles.

We've been making rapid progress with mojoPortal and it has led us to release early and release often which I think is a good thing. There are a lot of exciting things going on in the planning and early development stage that I ill blog more about later.

mojoPortal Released

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, its available now on the download page.

New This Release:

  • Open ID Authentication
  • Windows Live ID Authentication
  • New Captcha Provider with support for Subkismet Captcha and reCAPTCHA
  • Initial Support for XStandard editor (requires free browser plugin)
  • New Swedish Translation by Christian Fredh
  • 2 new Right To Left skins contributed by A.Samarian

As always, be sure and backup both your database and your site before doing an upgrade, see additional upgrade tips here. Please post in the forums if you have any difficulties.


mojoPortal Release

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, its available now on the download page.

New this release:


Setup System

A lot of work has gone into the Setup routine this version to make things much smoother for installation and upgrade. As I mentioned in my previous post, setup is now driven primarily by xml config files so that third party developers can easily make their own features participate in the setup process and you can even leave out built in features. I had mentioned in the previous post that I didn't have automatic schema creation and upgrade working in Firebird Sql, but now I have got it working so creation of the database objects is fully automated for clean installation and upgrades in all data layers. You just create a database, set the connection string, make the Data folder writable by the web process. Then navigate to yoursiteroot/Setup/Default.aspx and the setup process does the rest.

The initial pages that get created are also driven by xml config files so you can specify what pages to create when packaging builds of mojoPortal based applications and you can put instances of features on the page. There are also xml files that allow adding additional items to the Administration Menu. You can even customize the Setup page with your own branding in the header.

Google SiteMap Generator

Also as mentioned in a previous post, we now have an automatic google site map feature.

Other improvements...

Added an Error log viewer in the Administration Menu
Changed the Child Page Menu rendering to be more like a Site Map of pages beneath the parent.
bug fixes for bugs reported since last release

As always be sure and back everything up before doing an upgrade and post in the forums if you run into difficulty. When you upload the new files to the web I suggest you upload the Setup folder first before uploading the rest of the files. That way you can be sure all the setup scripts have arrived on the server before the Setup routine gets invoked.

mojoPortal Release

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, its available now on the download page.

New this release:

Added a search feature to the member list

Repaired the broken SQLite data layer, it is now working better than ever using the new Mono.Data.Sqlite library.

Added support for Firebird Sql

Updated to the newest versions of NeatUpload, Lucene.NET, and log4net

Miscellaneous bug fixes as reported in the forums.

If you run into any difficulties please post in the forums.

Don't forget to nominate mojoPortal for the Open Source CMS Award!

I bet there aren't too many other projects out there supporting 5 different databases.

UPDATE 2007-07-26:

I discovered a significant bug today, file uploads are not working in the Gallery, Shared Files and File Manager due to some issues with NeatUpload. Its my own fault really because I upgraded to the latest svn version of NeatUpload instead of the stable release. I did test after the upgrade but not thoroughly, I saw the progress bar and it looked like it uploaded but it did not and in my haste I failed to notice. In any case I have it fixed here by switching to the stable release, just doing some final testing now on Mono and then will be packaging up a new set of files. If you already installed the release files I think the only 2 files that you will need to replace will be Brettle.Web.NeatUpload.dll and Web/NeatUpload/Progress.aspx. I'll post another update later after I have uploaded the new files. Sorry for any inconvenience.

UPDATE 2007-07-26 Part 2:

I've updated the files on the download server with the fix for the above noted bug. As I mentioned, if you already installed the release version from the previos download, the only files to replace are Web/bin/Brettle.Web.NeatUpload.dll and Web/NeatUpload/Progress.aspx

mojoPortal Released

I'm very happy to announce that I just released mojoPortal on the download page. This is a significant new release with major improvements since the last release.

Mono support!

We are finally back to one version of mojoPortal for all platforms, though we do provide a separate build for Mono. Its the same code but with WebParts left out of the compilation. In svn the old 1.1 framework version has been moved to branches/1.x and the 2.0 .NET version is now moved into trunk. There may yet be bugs so consider this release experimental on Mono. Those who wish to upgrade existing sites running the 1.x version of mojoPortal on Mono may want to wait and see what kind of bug reports come in before attempting an upgrade. I would highly advise making a copy of your site and db and upgrade the copy. This way you can go back if things don't work out.

New Multi Sites Feature based on first folder after site root
This feature was sponsored by one of my customers as open source development.

New Feature for Visually Partitioning Sites
This feature was also sponsored by one of my customers as open source development.

New Editor Provider Model now supporting use of both FCKeditor and TinyMCE

With the provider model, it will be possible to implement providers for other editors as well.

Improved Markup Semantics and CSS Organization

See my previous post for more details on this. Since the rendered markup has changed, those upgrading from recent versions who have custom skins may need to tweak them to account for the different markup.

A Few New Skins

RightToLeft1, RightToLeft2 and samar, are all right to left oriented skins contributed by A.Samarian

I also implemented a new TreeView menu option and created 2 skins to illustrate, treeviewmenu1 and treeviewmenu2. I discussed this in a previous post, for large sites, the treeview menu can improve performance because the nodes load on demand.

Admin Section has moved

The admin pages have been moved out of the content system and into dedicated physical pages. The main Admin menu is now accessed by clicking the key icon at the top of the site.

As always, if you have any problems, post in the forums and I will try to help.

Before upgrading be sure and back up your site and your db. If possible upgrade a copy then cut over to it. More note to help with upgrading.

Huge thanks to Alexander Yushchenko for all his help in providing Quality Assurance testing and feedback. His help has been instrumental in improving the quality of mojoPortal.

Also thanks to the Mono Team for their continued support and making it possible to run mojoPortal on Linux.