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Come and Get It!

As promised the first release of code is now available. Please register so I can get a sense of how many people are actually interested in this project since I have put so much effort into it. If you build it will they come?

I also have instructions and a special download for setting up mojoPortal at the free hosting site monoForge. Look under the Documentation menu for that and other documentation.

Happy Halloween!

Thought I'd throw together a quick skin for Halloween. Wish I was more creative with design. I'm planning on learning CSS a little more in depth and see if I can do better. Anyway watch out for old bones over there. He'll be gone by monday.

Oh by the way, Boo!

Forums are us!

Well I just got the forums working under MySQL. I had developed them first using MS SQL then all I had to do was add the methods to the MySQL data layer. You'll notice if you  login in that there is also a member list and user profile page now.

Still so much to do to reach my Nov 1 alpha release goal. Need to test and look for bugs and flesh out the documentation and test the installation scripts for both MS and MySQL databases.

I'm also thinking of dropping some of the IBuySpy legacy modules before the first release. The contacts module is pretty lame in terms of features. I'd like to add a better one later. The image module and events module are also pretty weak in my opinion because you can accomplish the same thing easily using the Html module. I think simpler is better in terms of usability and having module choices that don't bring anything really new to the table is just adding confusion for end users. 

Feel free to (I mean please do!) test the site and report any bugs you find on the forum. It would be much appreciated.

More feature goodness

I completed the user profile page and started on the member list page this weekend. Did a little more refinement to the forums and also improved the implementation for the culture configuration. You can have a sneek peek at the progress so far on forums and other goodies at

The Blog Module Is Born

Well I'm happy to report that the Blog Module is now fully functional.

The Milestones to date are:

  • The project currently runs under mono/apache/gnu/linux
  • The Business and Data Access code has been cleanly separated from the presentation logic in the web
  • The tables and stored procedures have better naming conventions
  • It now works with MySQL!!! - As of 8/12/2004, this site is now using MySQL 4.0.20 for the database