Posts From September, 2007

mojoPortal Released

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, available now on the download page.

I was going to wait and try to get finished with the Newsletter feature I'm working on for this release but since I'm getting side tracked with some customer work (which is a good thing) I thought I should go ahead and make a release to get the new skins out there.

This release contains a few bug fixes and 7 new skins as mentioned in my previous post.

4 More New Skins

I implemented 3 more new skins yesterday and 1 today. They all went fairly quickly because they are from the same designer, David Carter, and are all variations on the similar layout as used in the ticktockpro skin.

You can see these on the demo site:

The first 3 are in svn trunk and the 4th one will be in there in a few hours.

I'm still working on even more skins. I want mojoPortal to have a lot of great looking skins included. Any of them can be used as a starting point for further customization.

UPDATE 2007-09-15: added another new skin today:

 UPDATE 2007-09-16 added another new skin today:

 UPDATE 2007-09-17 added another new skin today, this one was suggested by Brian Nicol:


mojoPortal Released

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal Its available now on the download page.

This release contains bug fixes since the last release, and the 3 new skins I implemented recently. Since these skins are much better looking than most of our existing skins I wanted to go ahead and make a release so people can use them.

I still plan to implement more new skins in the coming weeks.

As always be sure and back everything up before upgrading, read the upgrading tips, and post in the forums if you have any difficulties and I will try to help.

We did not release a new build for Mono, and probably won't do that until Mono 1.2.6 is released.

mojoPortal is a Finalist in the 2007 Open Source CMS Awards - we need your vote!

Thanks to the nominations from the mojoPortal community, we are a finalist in the 2007 Open Source CMS Awards in the category "Best Other Open Source CMS"!  (other means non-PHP)

See the full list of finalists here:

Its very exciting to be among the finalists and its all thanks to your nominations!

Now we need your vote again since the first round of voting was just nominations, so please go and vote for mojoPortal, it would be wonderful to actually win in this category!

Voting ends October 26, 2007

Yet Another Cool skin is completed

I just completed another new skin named ticktockpro based on this design by dcarterdesign.

You can see it now on the mojoPortal demo site, and I'll have it in svn trunk later this evening.

That makes 3 new good looking skins this week, and I plan to do more of them in between my other work.

Did you know that you can preview skins with a query string param? So you can see each of the 3 skins I made this week using urls that specify the skin like this: