Using WebMatrix to run the SQL CE Version of mojoPortal

The SQL CE version of mojoPortal is the absolute easiest package to use, because it does not require additional database software to be installed and requires zero configuration effort for the database, it just works. Using the IIS Express web server included in WebMatrix make is even easier to run mojoPortal on your local machine. This article well show step by step with screen shots how to use the mojoPortal package for SQL CE with WebMatrix.

1. Download the latest file from Codeplex.

2. Unzip the files and you should have something like this:

extracted files

Note that in the screen shot, I also have downloaded and extracted the mojoPortal package for SQL Server. In a follow up article I will explain the easy steps to migrate mojoPortal from SQL CE to SQL Server.

3. Launch WebMatrix, and click the "Site From Folder" button

WebMatrix site from folder

4. Simply browse to the wwwroot folder in the extracted files from the mojoPortal SQL CE package.

browse for the wwwroot folder

5. WebMatrix opens the folder, the next step is to click the "Run" button to launch the mojoPortal Web Site in a web browser

click the run button in WebMatrix

6. When the web browser opens mojoPortal, it will detect from expected errors that the SQL CE database has not yet been created, so it will redirect to the /Setup/Default.aspx page which will create the SQL CE database automatically and then run the installation scripts.

mojoportal setup page

7. After the setup routine finishes, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the link for the home page.

home link at th ebottom of the setup page

8. Click the home page link and then you can login as with the password admin. 

mojoportal homepage with default content

9. mojoPortal is very intuitive to use, but you can get up to speed more quickly if you review the documentation and video tutorials. In the screen shot below I have added some pages and features to the site and changed the skin (there are quite a few included skins).

mojoPortal with content and a different skin

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Last Updated: 2010-07-25 by Joe Audette